Make money online with sharing links

Make money online with sharing links

Sharing links is a common things in internet.  We share many links with our friends everyday. Even when we are in social network sites like facebook, twitter, we have seen many links, containing interesting pictures, videos,  pictures of movie stars, links of many interesting topics.Now we need to think how can we make money  just by sharing links. All you have to do is make your link into paid link. Then share it in facebook or with your friend. If they will click that link you can make money.


You can make money if people will click your link. how is it possible? its possible if you make a normal link into paid link. linkbuck is a site which offers you,  make a normal link into paid link. so first you have to think which link you have to make a  paid link because any link will not help you to earn money. It should be interesting link, so that people will click that link.  You have to find out some viral link it may be youtube new songs, or movie trailor, or any kind of web link which contains the funny picture .

all you have to do is get traffic to your paid link. As you get more traffic, you will make more money from it.Once people will click that link , they will see an ad before they reach the original link. Now let me to explain how can you do it through linkbuck. First of all using that service and make money from it, you have to sign up with Linkbuck

once you register your name then choose an interesting link as i have described above, copy that link and log into linkbuck. Then you will find an option create link, click on that

once you click create link you will get another page like below. Here you can see an option link to convert. you can paste any link here which you want to convert a paid link. And look all other option before you generate the new paid link.

first option is link to convert- paste here the link which you want to convert

second option is page content- if you are converting a link which contains adult content then select 18+
or if it does not contain any kind of adult content then select clean (all ages)

Third option is Ad type-

                                          here you will get 3 kinds of ad type. one is intermission. In intermission ad type, when people will click your paid link they will see an ad before they reach the original link.

                                           second is locker ad – in locker ad type, when people will click your paid link, they have to complete an offer or short survey, before they will reach the original link

                                            third one is short link — short link ad type is non paid link. you can not earn money from it . so never choose this option.

            The best option is choosing intermission ad type.

fourth option is Alias – some people know about linkbuck link. they know this link contains an ad before they can see the original link. thats why they  want to avoid the link. In that case you can select other alias domain which will not be identified by people. All the alias domain belongs to linkbuck network. once you set all the option then click on generate link. Then it will generate a new link which is the paid link. now copy that link and share it with your friend and in social network sites like facebook and twitter and see money rolled in your account

now facebook has banned linkbuck link to be shared in their network. in that case you can follow the strategy below.

               step-1-  copy your linkbuck link which you want to share in facebook, then go to url2it link shortening and paste it there, then url2it will generate a link for you. just give a look  below
Now your linkbuck link masked with url2it. the new link will look like- So take this link and share it to your facebook friend, in your timeline, in your facebook fan page, and the group you have joined. similarly you can share your link in others facebook fanpage. just like their page and put your link in their page. But do not spam their page. you can shrink the link related to their pages. and share in their pages. If you do not have any facebook page then create your facebook page and collect as many as like, more than 5000 and then share your linkbuck link in your page. but one thing before you convert a normal link into paid link, you have to choose which link will go viral among people, eg–the link which contains funny picture, comedy videos, hit songs, most youtube viral videos, even you know which will go viral in facebook so pick up that link and shrink it in linkbuck again mask it in url2it then share it in facebook.

step- 2- If you have a twitter account then connect your twitter account with facebook account. In twitter you can directly share your linkbuck link which will automatically share in facebook. In twitter you have to follow many friends in order to get maximum hits to your link. remember one thing in India payout rate of linkbucks is very low. That means if you have shrinked a link with intermission ads then you will get $1 for every 2000 hits to your link. So how to get so many hits to your paid link. In twitter you can follow as many as friend possible and share a viral link  eg– something breaking news of a most popular movie star, otherwise in google find out the website which has more traffic,  shrink it in linkbuck tweet it in tweeter with some attractive description. Then you will get more hits and also that link will automatically share in your facebook timeline as you have connected to it. In twitter i have seen most of adult link has gone viral with some attractive description. eg- how to satisfy a girl in bed or how to seduce a girl within 5 min. But its upto you, you have to follow the strategy to get maximum hit in order to earn money.


               Linkbuck has 3 level referral plan. That means if somebody joins in linkbuck using your referral link you will get 20% of what they will earn for lifetime and also 10% from 2nd level referral who is the referral of your direct referral. Then you can earn 5% of 3rd level referral. Minimum payout request $10.  Now consider to sign up the given website below . Because this site will not cost you anything for its registration. So sign up at  the site given below and make money online fast by sharing links.

                                  SIGN UP AT LINKBUCKS                        

see payment proof below

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