How to Earn Money Online With PTC sites- A Clear Guide

How to Earn Money Online With PTC sites- A Clear Guide

Thank you for visiting this site. In this site i will show you different ways, how you can make money online without any investment just by working from home.

 These ways are simple and easy for a beginner to understand and start making money  without any knowledge of internet. You may be busy with other work, that does not matter. 

              But if you want to make money online free (no scams 2013) with your extra time, then i will help you to find  some online money making sites . 

          You do not need any registration fee, to start  working with those sites,  but all you need to find out your suitable time to work from home.                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                     START MAKING MONEY WITH PTC (PAID TO CLICK)

The very first way to make money online is through ptc sites. Because these sites, do not need your skill , talent, or any kind of investment even no more time to spend.

To be honest, even though you do not need any skill to earn money, but initially you need to focus certain things which will be helpful for long run. Once you will set up everything you will harvest the result of your hard work.

Basically,  ptc sites pay you when you click their ads. And it has also given an opportunity to multiply your earning through downline commissions.

Downline means number of people(referrals) who joined under you. You need to build an active downline to make more money from it. That is the whole idea behind ptc sites.

Don’t worry I will tell you how to build your downline and the necessary tips how can you increase your earning every month with ptc sites.

Most of the people, can not make money with ptc sites, because they easily get demotivated when they see their everyday earning  and quit. They want to make money online fast without working for it.

 They think Internet is a magical place to make lot of money without putting any effort. Unfortunately I have to say there is no such things in Internet unless you have specific skill.

In Internet the most lucrative way to earn money is through affiliate marketing or Internet marketing and putting google adsense ads in your website. But for that you need to make your website, choosing a topic which you are interested and create several posts time to time. So, you can learn all those gradually while you can start making money with ptc sites freely.

Here, I will give you the best ptc guide where not only you will be successful with ptc sites, but you will set up a stable income every month. Moreover, these sites do not need any skill or ability to earn. 3 things you can do, while you are thinking about earning money with ptc sites.

                            1- join atleast 10 paying ptc sites

                            2- be active every single day
                            3- build your downline.

Suppose you could earn  $60 per ptc sites every month, then from 10 ptc sites you can expect $600. Which is a great income.

                       Two  years back when i was searching in internet, how can i make money online without any investment, i found many sites which  does not work. I do not want you to waste your time following some scamy sites. My experience may help you little to find some paying ptc sites to join.

                    So, i decided to give some information about PTC sites  , hope it will help you to make money online from home.


  Now, you are going to work online. Think how will you be paid? Because the website you are going to work may not from your own country.

 So, answer to your question, there is a way to get paid. you will be paid through Paypal or Payza. These are online payment processors.

 You will receive the money from ptc sites to your paypal account in the form of e-currency. Paypal will send your money to your bank account or credit card, in your own currency. This is the process for international transaction.

 Open a personnel account in paypal which requires, your pancard nubmer, bank account or credit card to be verified. If you are from India, then you have only option for Paypal. 

Because right now, Payza has no facility for Indian members to withdraw their money through bank account or credit card. 

Only way to receive the money from payza is through bank wire, which is too costly. However they are working to make bank transfer available for Indian members very soon

It is free to open an account with paypal and also you can open multi account in paypal. Read here HOW TO CREATE PAYPAL ACCOUNT

You need paypal account at the time of   cash withdraw from ptc sites. Before that you can join and make ready your pay-pal account to cash-out.  

 Before i am going to describe, everything let me to clear, what is ptc sites and how much money you can earn from it.

                             PTC stands for paid to click. You will earn money by clicking the ads. But PTC sites, earns money for advertising the ads. 

Advertisers want to reach out their consumers. PTC sites is one of the way through they can reach their consumers. People will come to know them through their ads. So ptc sites work a middle man between the advertisers and the consumers.

         Advertisers pays the ptc sites for advertising their ads and some parts of the money ptc sites pay its members for viewing their ads. That is how ptc will work between advertisers and consumers.

 PTC sites is a good means for the advertisers to get traffic to their websites and as a member of  these sites  you will click the ads everyday to earn money.

 When you will  click the ads  one website will be opened, there you have to view 5 seconds until money will be credited to your account.

Now, it is time for to join the best and legit ptc sites. Joining in new ptc sites is good because you will get more referrals, but before you are going to join just check out their legitimacy whether they are real paying or not.

                In order to know their legitimacy you can check them through google search just typing the particular  sites scam or not. Because people those who  have earlier joined these sites they have the experience about the particular sites status.

 So, you will find many testimonials, many reviews and many opinions. Two of the best reviews i like is from IM report card and ptc investigation.

              If two or three persons are saying against  a particular site never  join this site. Because it is really hard when you work in a site and never get paid. The valuable thing you will loose is your precious time, which you will never get back. 

 I know some of them who want to make a secure future in online, some of them have no offline job, day and night searching online how to make money, eventually got a scamy site, they spend their time, they purchase laptop, they paid internet bill and made their website and promoted a link of a site which turned into scam may not after one month, may not after two months but after 6 months, what will happen?

 You will loose your time, money, referrals, your hard work to get traffic. Especially, when you surf ads in ptc site you will get many bux site offering more click rate , do not be tempted about their offering because 99% of them are scam. 

A scam site is a site which will never pay for your work. Never go behind the site which will come today and gone tomorrow. Choose the site which is established and honestly paying.

               Don’t worry . I am going to provide you the list of legit, honest and best paying ptc sites below. After joining these ptc sites you can check their forum how people are earning money and their payment proof. I myself did not join in any scam ptc sites and also not encourage others to join.


     After joining the legit and instant paying ptc sites your next step to be active in those ptc sites in order to earn money. Because some ptc sites are there, if you will not active  upto 30 days then your account will be terminated.  You will loose your account and also the referrals who joined under you.

eg- if you will not be active in   Neobux, according to the term of service 8.4

After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 6o days of inactivity. An inactive user for 72 hours after registration will have the account permanently suspended. 

In clixsense if you will not be active upto 90 days after  registration your account will be permanently suspended

Even some sites, like neobux, and Davids bux,  if you will not be active you will not able to earn money from your  referral’s click. That means your referral’s commission depends on your click everyday. so, be active,  if you really want to earn money from ptc site. See, do not be discouraged  by seeing the cents you are earning  from ptc site. You need referrals to make your cents into dollars and it will be done if you work hard. It will not take much of your time. It only needs 30 minutes of your day to maintain 10 ptc sites. Again i said if you work hard and stay consistent to build your downline, easily you can earn $500 to $600 per month from ptc sites only .

               Clicking ads everyday in ptc sites is really not a problem. One thing you can do, early morning or evening before you are going to work online  just remember all the ptc site that you have joined. Start clicking the ads one by one site and i think you will finish 10 sites within 20 minutes. Then its over. After that you can focus other work. why i am telling this? i am telling this because i want to encourage you the way you want to make money online without any investment,any time, any skill.  There will be a timer start counting the time when you click ads may be 5 seconds,10 seconds or 24 seconds according to the click rate. Most of the ptc sites those have paying rate $0.001 per ads it will take 5 seconds to 10 seconds to viewing one ad.


                                     Here i am giving one example how much money you will earn per ad click from a ptc sites. If you are a basic member of a ptc sites you can earn $0.001 to $0.02 for every ad you click.

but for a upgraded member it may be $0.002 to $0.02 per ad click.

          So here let me to clear about standard member and upgrade member of the ptc sites.  When you sign up in a ptc sites and activate your account, then you enter into the free basic account. You will be considered as a standard member of the site. As a standard member of the site you will have limited ads to click.

               But when you upgrade your account into premium status you will enjoy certain benefits like more ads,sign up commissions,higher downline clicks.  For upgrading a premium account you need to pay some amount of money.

       eg;- in clixsense the cost of upgrading a premium account is $17 per year.

        In neobux  the cost of upgrading a golden member is $90 per year


                      Now question is how much ads you will get every day as a standard member? you will get 12 to 14 ads every 24 hours to click.

                But clixsense did not set any limit for the amount of ads you will click everyday. You can get unlimited of ads to click everyday . Anytime you can log in to the clixsense and check whether there is ads to click or not. otherwise you can download their toolbar for ad notification. You can read here why clixsense is known as the king of ptc

Even in buxp,twickerz  ptc sites you will get more ads to click everyday.

                            Another way to earn money online from PTC sites is through its unique referrals. If you sign up in a particular ptc site, then that ptc site will give you  your referral link which looks like
 or (your user id)

 Referrals, by its words you can understands what it stands for. It means act of referring. You can  recommend others to join the ptc sites through your referral link. If somebody joined the website by clicking your referral link he/she will be your direct referral. If some body joined the site using your direct referrals link, he/she will be called as your 2nd level referral,  like that it will continue. Wordlinx has 10 level of referral system.

 How much money you will make from the referrals? You can make 50% of money from your direct referrals and some percentage of money from your next level of referrals.

 Imagine how much money you can make if you have a strong down-line. Once you will get 30 active referrals  for each site , you will see how money will flow to your paypal account. 

Every day you can earn $14 or $15 and getting 30 referrals for each site is not a problem. If you get more referrals then your earning will be significantly increased. Even you can earn 1000 of dollars per month. 

Initially earning may be slow but once your referral will grow then you will realize the power of PTC SITE.


                 There are three kinds of referral. They are

                                      1- direct referrals

                                      2-purchaged referrals

                                     3- rented referrals
If somebody joined the ptc sites using your referral link then they will be your direct referral

Some ptc sites sell the referrals. You can buy those referrals for unlimited time. Ptc site like Buxp and wordlinx sells the  referrals.


                 Rented referrals are those referrals which you have to rent  them with certain amount of money for limited time. Again you have to renew them after the due time is over.

neobux ptc site has rented referral program. You can rent 3 referrals $0.60 ($0.20 each) for 30 days. After 30 days you have to renew them if you want to keep them as your referrals. You can read here
neobux strategy- which works with rented referrals

        You can get many direct referrals if you work hard for one month.  i suggest you, try to get direct  referrals. Spread your referral link all over the internet.


Now let me to tell you the cash out limit  for ptc sites. Cash out means the money you earned from different sites be sent to your paypal account. The cash out limit for different ptc sites is different. so its range will be between $1 to $10 .

                            Below, i am giving you the most legit, trustworthy and best ptc websites to join. It will not cost you anything for its registration. So sign up the given website below and earn money online without investment by clicking ads.

 After signed up in each site , a verification link will be sent to your E-mail account. Just click that verification link in order to activate your account.  After activation of your account, everyday log into the each ptc site and click on the ads daily basis.

 I just encourage you be active in in those ptc site , try to get more referrals and upgrade your membership then you will see how easily you can earn money fast,  even without your knowledge your account will reach $100 within some days.

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