Google Product Reviews Update

Google Product Reviews Update

Rolling out just now (since the 8th) for 2 weeks approx. This will be a big one for affiliates as its targeting commercial affiliate content – best of lists, comparisons, product reviews, etc.

I've seen a notable traffic / revenue drop so far, although my sites are UK targeted and we've had some better weather this weekend and reduced lockdown restrictions which I'd expect to affect sales.

A handful of my #1 rankings dropped to 3rd or so which are accounting for most of the traffic drop. The sites have done well in previous core updates (note this isn't a core update), so are a fairly reasonable quality. I'd imagine a lot of smaller affiliates might get hit hard with this as I'm seeing more larger affiliates up top.

This is not entirely unexpected from Google as there is a lot of low quality affiliate content in the SERPs, but does drive home the need for good quality content. It looks like the update is allowing Google to better understand content and technical detail within it.

In terms of impact, this could be for affiliates what Panda was for wider SEO.

Well worth reading up on – it's going to be a big part of the affiliate game going forward.

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