$40k set aside for AM Project

$40k set aside for AM Project

Hi guys, quick question for anyone who cares enough to help a newbie get some insight.

So before i start heres some background on how im in this situation. I bought a insolvent e-commerce business in 2018. Set the company back on track and hoping to continue to do so in the process. In the process ive managed to save around $100k to expand the business and venture further into the online ‘space’. Of this $100k I’ve set aside $40k towards a so called ‘deal finding’ kind of website to which customers use the website to find flash deals from retailers such as Amazon, Currys (UK), Very (UK) and other UK major brands. So heres my question:

I know this is so unspecific but im looking for ballpark figures and rough ideas. So out of this $40k budget, based on everything you know and learnt, what should i designate the $40k to and how should i split it etc? Exclude staff, premises and company incorporation.

Any help or rough ideas of how much should go where and when would be beyond amazing

Thanks guys!

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