Churchio Agency + OTOs [Instant Deliver]

Churchio Agency + OTOs [Instant Deliver]

Churchio Agency + OTOs [Instant Deliver]

  • GB Name : Churchio Agency + OTOs
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Anything
  • Type : Church management software
  • GB Price : $67(FE) + $127(OTO1) + $99(OTO2) = $293
  • GB Cost : $15/20 Peoples + $1.5 Fee
  • GB Joined : 17/20 Peoples
  • GB Status : Delivered
  • Homepage : JV Page

Churchio is the first church management software to integrate an exclusive Facebook type of social network for church members in a church management portal.


FE – Churchio Agency – $67

  • Different Levels Of User Management
  • Sermons Management (View, Download, Archive)
  • Full Training Academy for pastors, Ministers &Members
  • Full-Blown Personalized Membership Access For All Church Members
  • Comprehensive Church Member Management Tool
  • Workers Schedule and Duty Roster Management
  • Church Events Attendance Tracking
  • Ministry Events and Calendar Management
  • Program Bulletin Management
  • In-App Member Messaging by Staff and Users
  • Churchwide Broadcasts/eNewsletter Delivery
  • Instant In-App Notifications and by Mail
  • Full Church Accounting/Finance Management
  • Church Asset Management
  • In-App Direct Online Giving Functionality
  • Integration With Most Popular 3rd Party giving software
  • Full Blown Social Media Church Community
  • Seat Reservation for events/church services
  • Full Data Reporting For All Modules
  • Multi-Church Management Enterprise Module
  • Full Tutorials On Each Section For Ease Of Use
  • Integration with Popular Live Streaming Services
  • Integration with Live Meeting Platforms

OTO1 – Churchio Reseller – $127

  • On this page only, you can get a RESELLER license to Business 360 Suite. Which means you will keep 100% of what your customer pay.
  • You get your very own admin panel to issue, edit, and delete licenses and accounts for clients.
  • And the best part… WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE SUPPORT. You simply sell and keep the profits. We take care of you as well as your customers.
  • We’ve spent thousands of dollars in perfecting Churchio and we’re letting you sell it as your own… making HUGE profits and keeping it all for yourself.

OTO2 – Churchio Masterclass – $99

  • Why Netvangelism Is So Critical To Your Ministry Now.
  • Why The Internet Is The Next Battle Ground For Evangelism.
  • Bursting The 10 Biggest Myths About Internet Churches.
  • Laying The Foundations For Effective Digital Outreach.
  • Defining Your Digital Church’s Purpose & Objectives Clearly, Then Organized Everything Around them.
  • Strategies For Success In Digital Outreach.
  • Structuring Your Ministry For Digital Outreach Success.
  • DIGITAL OUTREACH STRUCTURE CASE-STUDY: The Cyber Embassy Of Christ Experience.
  • Staffing Your Church For Digital Outreach Success.
  • Budgeting For Digital Outreach Explosion In Your Church.
  • Programming For Digital Outreach By Your Church.
Churchio Agency + OTOs [Instant Deliver]

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