The Irony of Things Taught in School

The Irony of Things Taught in School

In high school (in Switzerland) we have computer science class. The first topic was privacy and malware. We looked at things like mass-surveillance by Google and Facebook, privacy fraud (or however you want to call it) and a bit of social engineering.

We had different tasks like looking at the privacy policy from big tech companies or taking notes of some TED-talks. They wanted us to realize what FAANG knows or could know about us. We never digged deeper but it was a nice heads up from our teacher.

Despite having to learn all of this, we never looked at the free and open-source software movement. We were told how to install browser add-ons that show who tracked us but not how to prevent such tracking. It was informative nonetheless and I learned some new stuff.

However, nothing changed. We still have to use Windows or macOS, Microsoft Office, the Google search engine and store almost everything in OneDrive. Isn't that ironic? I think schools should promote FOSS and not force us to use Microsoft's bloat- and spyware.

What do you think?

PS: I use Linux anyway, no matter if they tell me not to, lol. And if you find some spelling mistakes, you can keep them 😉

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