3d Modelling thoughts.

3d Modelling thoughts.

The objective of Qoob is to be a demoscene modeller that targets 64k intros. It should allow hundreds of models in a 64k. That means man made and organic. Organic seems to require arbitrary extrusion (think pipe or ribbon). It allows for models like loonies use in their 4ks eg benetoite and, more impressively, 64ks such as Flight666. The maths for modelling with arbitrary extrusions is quite large (>500 bytes) and adds a lot of bytes to Qoob which is already growing in size.

In addition, Qoob must support selecting individual polygons for arbitrary complex shapes. That will be the key to true modelling. But selecting, say 50 polygons currently requires:
select p1
select p2
select p3
… 50 selections
to be stored and compressed. Compressing the command is obvious and cool. I’ll just store the command queue and the data queue seperately. The data for each entry is four bytes and may not compress well. I could try sorting and delta encoding – the usual tricks – of course. This worries me.

Size wise then, I’m struggling now: selections and extrusions add lots of bytes. ONe to the lib and one to the models. Suggestions are welcome.

However, on the bright side, Qoob could support displacements on large and small scale, like sculpting. I might therefore be able to create highly detailed geometry with bumps and ridges, for very little cost.

In the mean time, some screenies of what can be done without such functions:

p.s. Hope people like the new design for the pages here. Also check out the demotivation demoscene picture to the right (with apologies to iq/mentor) as elevated races toward 500 thumbs on Pouet.

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