Is Affiliate Marketing Possible Without Being a Scumbag?

Is Affiliate Marketing Possible Without Being a Scumbag?

Before I begin let me give you some backstory.

I've been in the affiliate game for over 14 years off and on. I made a lot of money when I was young and dumb promoting weight loss pills like acai berry.

Things are obviously different these days. Traffic is harder to buy, there's more competition… but the hardest thing about today's affiliate world is…

There are no god damn good offers to promote.

Not only are payouts complete shit compared to what they were 14 years ago, but legit offers are almost impossible to find… and if you do find one, the payouts are so low why would you even bother?

I'm trying to get back into affiliate marketing, but every offer out there worth a damn is just still a total scam… for example some of the top offers on networks I still work with are…

  1. bull shit weight loss pills (those never go away)
  2. bull shit ecomm offers (hey get a free smartwatch, just pay 6$ in shipping, but what we don't tell you is we'll charge your credit card 80$ every month until you close your bank account).
  3. Antivirus software that is worthless and is predatory to certain age groups.

You know what's sad? If you're doing PAID affiliate marketing, you almost have to run these offers because nothing else pays near as well as these offers (and they don't pay that well at all for basically scamming people).

Every other legit affiliate program, amazon for example, doesn't pay nearly enough to make it work with paid advertising. Same goes for 99% of other legit white hat offers.

So all that's left to be a successful paid traffic affiliate marketer is just promoting scummy shit.

Now obviously im generalizing a lot here, but I'm also putting this out there so hopefully someone can prove me wrong and say "affiliate marketing with paid traffic can still be very profitable without selling your soul to the devil, have you tried X offers?".

But I don't know if those people hang out around here.

So maybe a discussion about the industry will suffice. Just looking for a place to vent.

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