Has Anyone Ever Heard Of This?

I was wondering if this has been done before, or if anyone knows of something similar…

Is there some kind of app, or service that enables 'real life' affiliate links?

So, imagine the following scenario…

An electrician is on renovation job and the customer walks up to him and asks …
"Do you know any good plumbers?"
The electrician does know a good plumber, but wants to be paid an affiliate commission.
Therefore, the electrician uses some kind of app or service, which he then texts to the customer, who then clicks the link and is given the contact details, while the electrician is paid a commission for his referral.

Is this a thing? If it's not, I cannot imagine why it isn't because I can't see much of a difference between online affiliate links and this concept.

Very interested in feedback!

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  1. is the current market saturated with affiliate marketers?
  2. what budget range do you need to start out?
  3. what fields should i avoid/aim for?
  4. any other tips/tricks that may be helpful?
  5. what kind of growth can i expect in the first 6 months?
  6. not to sound like a greedy fuck, but what (in your experience) is a beginner level monthly profit?
  7. is it worth building multiple affiliate marketing companies simultaneously?
  8. any skills i should focus on building before getting into the business?

(EXTRA QUESTION) i apologize sincerely but i don't really understand the concept of affiliate marketing, i read the forbes article on it but couldn't really make heads or tails of it, (english is more of a third language for me) so could anyone explain it to me in very simple terms?

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Succeeding In Social Media Marketing

Learned via experience and testing + knowledge I gained from valuable source which gave me the right direction. I think there is no other way to succeed in affiliate marketing. The main goal is to give people a value and help them first and then you should think about making income. Direct communication is the most powerful tool in succeeding. The way you engage your viewers or readers is the key to build your audience. However, there are too many people thinking about $ on the start but the reality is different. Social media are absolutely loaded with spam and somehow lost their purpose. Once you ask for help, you will receive tons of spam advertisements. A guy is pushing you on FB messenger to make friends and purchase his affiliate offer. Do I know him? Is he trusted? Would you make a transaction through his offered links? Things don't work this way as I read in the mentioned e-book I found somewhere I don't remember where? The basic steps to succeed is to build a relationship with targeted niche customers and give the value to people and help. Then you can think about making offer to them in a descend way.

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Things I would like to know before starting my affiliate website.

I am currently in the process of registering another domain(I already paid a hosting and I have my personal blog up and running). I have a few questions.

  1. I want this to be an Affiliate website, and the Hostinger asked me If this is a Personal or a company domain? What's the difference?
  2. Do I need to provide my real information to Hostinger, where I live, etc., and then run the Website anonimusly?

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How to Earn money online with Quick Results

Hey there,
Would really like to know how to make money online as a beginner using a free platform that generates money with quick Results
I lost my job recently and I will really appreciate your help on this one. I need money quickly
Am stressed , Don’t have any money to invest on any platform .Just need a Free one for now .Please recommend me on any platforms that you know that pays ..Also would really appreciate if you take me through the process or guide me where to receive guidelines

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Some beginner questions

Hi all,

I am looking into starting to review some items that I’ve purchased and adding some affiliate links to Amazon to these articles. I’m not expecting to make any money from this, but it would obviously be welcomed if it happened. Now my questions are what is the best way to go about creating a website for this? (which host or service) and also is it best to post these reviews as blog posts, or as a new page on a website?

Sorry if these questions are asked often, I couldn’t find any recent posts covering this topic. Thank you for any help!

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